Scott J. Abel, Author and Speaker

Scott Abel
Powerful stories that tug at the emotions and stretch the mind have always captivated me. I guess that comes from being raised a PK (preacher’s kid) and listening to my father, a masterful storyteller, hold me captive with the artistry of words and imagery throughout my childhood.

As I left home and began my own journey through life, I remained a sucker for a good story – plus chocolate and peanut butter. And, as I made my way as a teacher, coach, law school graduate, and college administrator, I continued to be drawn to them.

Now, as a husband and father, I’ve discovered I’ve got a story or two of my own to tell.

Much can be imparted through the power of storytelling. Whether its meant to teach, inspire, or simply entertain, a good story is something to be valued and treasured. We all have our own stories to tell in some manner or other, whether we realize it or not, and they need to be told.

So here I am, sharing tales of the shadowlands where the line between light and dark isn’t always so distinguishable. I invite you to step through the thin, misty veil separating the known from the unknown and venture into the realm where the supernatural is not only possible…but natural.

And extra kudos if you bring chocolate and peanut butter.

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