A Debut Author’s Journey

I’ve always been drawn to emotional stories, especially those about redemption and second chances.  About a year ago, I finished my first draft of Sunrise – a story about a tragic school shooting and its aftermath as told through the perspectives of a high school student, his mother, and his guardian angel.

I was so excited with the completion of the manuscript that I just knew agents would be foaming at the mouth to sign me as their client. So, I began to query…and query…and query.  After my rejection list rivaled the number of customers a Starbucks serves on a daily basis, I wondered if something might just be wrong with literary agents these days. Alas, that humorous thought dissipated in a nanosecond, and I was left with the stark reality that the problem might be in the mirror.

Well, that began a quest to beef-up and polish my manuscript. With the assistance of critique groups and reference materials on perfecting the craft of writing good fiction, I dissected the story and labored to improve it.

Now, after countless edits and re-writes, this debut author is ready to dive back into the fray, hoping to make it to the top of the slushpile and share a good story. Wish me luck!

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