Finishing Strong


Have you heard the saying, “It’s not how you start the race, but how you finish that matters”?  If you’ve ever started a major project or initiative, whether in your professional or personal life, you’ve no doubt experienced that moment when you feel as though you’ve hit the proverbial wall. The limits of your talents, not to mention your physical and mental reservoirs, have not only been reached but completely drained. It’s usually at that precise moment when the tiny voice of doubt begins its whisper campaign, advocating compromise or, even worse, quitting. 

So, what do you do when you experience those moments? How do you push through that barrier of doubt and finish strong?

Two biblical characters, Saul and David, offer excellent examples. Saul started with every advantage – he was physically imposing, came from a respected family, and naturally commanded attention. He began his reign as king with zeal and courage. David, on the other hand, was the epitome of the self-made man: youngest child from a poor family of shepherds, he caught the attention of the king and climbed the ladder of success – ultimately succeeding Saul as the royal sovereign and taking the kingdom to new heights of prosperity. 

Yet, each king faced their moment of cruel doubt. Saul caved and sought compromise, establishing a pattern of seeking the path of least resistance. This left him a weak, vacillating leader incapable of finishing the work he’d been selected to accomplish. David, after suffering through a rebellion led by his own son and a public scandal regarding an affair and a murder cover-up, showed a different reaction. With tidal waves of doubt threatening to crumble his moral authority and leadership, David reached inward – he got back to the basics and trusted his Godly instincts. His sought the God of his youth, humbled himself, and relied on his faith to push onward.

So, when you’re at the crossroads of doubt, what do you rely upon? Which voice commands your attention? As you’re running to finish the work before you, what will you do to finish strong?



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