The Myths of Failure

myth vs truth

“Fear of failure.” We’ve all heard the expression at some point in our lives. And, if we’re completely honest, we’re guilty of taking the expression to heart all too often. It can be used as a motivation – that fear of failing drives us to double our efforts in order to avoid failing and guaranteeing our success.

But therein lies the problem. We’re spurring ourselves onward based solely on the myth that failure is something to be feared. In actuality, we should embrace failure.

For if we are candid, we must confess that we are far more likely to learn valuable lessons when we fail than when we succeed. In fact, anyone who has ever accomplished anything worthwhile did it only after a period of experiencing setbacks and adversity. For nothing separates ordinary and extraordinary people more than their perception of and response to failure.

Here are five myths of failure that successful people have come to realize:

1. Failure is Avoidable
2. Failure is an Event
3. Failure is the Enemy
4. Failure is a Stigma
5. Failure is Final

Failure is NONE of these things. It is NOT avoidable – even the best and the brightest, the most successful people in the world have failed at some point. It is NOT an event – failure is not a cataclysmic moment that brings the world to an end. It is NOT the enemy – failure is not a fire-breathing dragon to be slayed; rather, it is to be learned from. It is NOT a stigma – failure does not leave a stain that cannot come out. It is NOT final – failure is never permanent.

Learn to fail forward by recognizing that you will spend the majority of your life making mistakes, but as long you don’t give in to the myths of failure you’ll be just fine. Remember, the more you do, the more you fail. The more you fail, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you get.

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