Sunrise Re-Release: Sneak Peek

false light pic 3In anticipation of the re-release of Sunrise by my awesome new publisher, Black Opal Books, here’s a sneak peek at some of the new bonus material that’s included. Enjoy!


Uriel took another bite of the apple. He chewed for a moment and then swallowed. Holding the half-eaten fruit aloft in front of Markus, he said, “Taking risks when one should heed what she’s been told…we’ve seen that story before. And it didn’t end well, did it?”

With so much at stake, the point was well taken. The current operation would be tough on any guardian – it had already resulted in the death of Yaris – but it might be too much for Marie. Even if she did proceed in the manner they anticipated, she may not be the same when it was over.

“If things progress the way we think, and if we move forward like we’ve planned, it will take a toll on her. A heavy one.”

“The end game is much bigger than her, Markus.”

“I just don’t want to see her hurt and confused. Even if she makes it through this, she’s not going to understand.”

Uriel tilted his head slightly, eyes narrowing to probe for hesitancy, maybe even regret. “Do you want to call it off?” he asked quietly.

Whether Uriel would really cancel the operation wasn’t clear. Without her knowing it, five hundred years of preparation had been invested in Marie just for this one assignment. And if another opportunity did present itself, when would that be? Another millennium or two? With Lucifer’s ranks growing with each passing century, the time to strike was now, despite having to thrust Marie blindly into harm’s way.


Uriel tossed the apple aside. “Then do what needs to be done.” He clasped his hands behind his back and continued his walk alone.